50 Adjectives for My Best Friend

This may I got to hang out with some pretty famous people. I mean, not Lady Gaga famous (because let’s face it, she is probably one of the most famous things on the planet), but more like architecture-world famous. So not totally famous, but famous for the in-crowd. Anyway, one of our invited lecturers (from the USA), Marcos Novak, a computational architects, artist, sculptor, composer and theorist (probably not in that order), talked about the value of things and the value of civilization.

Him living in the US probably has something to do with some of his views; for example that everything in the Western World is motivated by money, gain, profit, and that we don’t do things well for the sake of doing them well. And with the recent round of budget cuts all over Europe, I could see this culture being prevalent, though I don’t yet think it’s taken a hold everywhere. Anyway, I promise to do things excellently from now on, for the sake of doing a good job.

During his lecture he gave a couple of examples of how poor our culture is. Then he went on to challenge us to find 50 adjectives to describe our best friend, which is meant to be very difficult in these times, because we essentially just use people who are useful and our culture lacks the needed vocabulary. Au contraire, I would argue that the language of Shakespeare must be sufficient and yield at least 50 adjectives to describe my best friend. I’ll not only focus on my best friend’s good side, because nobody’s perfect and we all like honesty. We’ll see if I’ll be unfriended as a result of this post; so it’s like a test of friendship, I guess.

Anyway, here goes:

Short, cute, intelligent, opinionated, conforming, comforting, honest, unforgiving, vain, talkative, diligent, strong, tolerant, assertive, friendly, caring, kind, generous, assertive, creative, independent, active, cool, optimistic, funny, hungry, materialistic, hard-working, worldly, forgetful, busy, stereotypical, calm, exciting, opportunistic, bright, dense, wide-eyed, meticulous, sociable, righteous, confident, supportive, loyal, empathic, weird, enthusiastic, calculating, warm, brave, naive, ambitious, demanding, thoughtful, distant, sharp, inquisitive, energetic, constant…

I now have found 58 adjectives and there’s probably more. Not all the adjectives apply all the time, and not in the same context, and they don’t all irritate me. But I guess that’s it with friends. I don’t like to pretend they’re perfect (I used to think that couple of years back), and I certainly don’t ignore their faults. I accept them for who they are, and I’m glad and surprised that they are able to put up with me.


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